Reiki energy healing and chakra balancing session

 is a truly transformative experience that has helped countless individuals find balance and healing in all areas of their lives. Whether you’re struggling with physical, emotional, or spiritual issues, a Reiki session can help you tap into the self-healing power within you to alleviate your pain and restore your well-being. 

Is perfect for anyone who is seeking a deeply relaxing and empowering experience that can help you unlock your true potential.
Additionally, it’s important to find the right time for your session so that you can fully relax and open up to the transformative power of the Reiki energy.
Let me guide you to a new level of balance, harmony, and vitality in your life.

The energy exchange value is 150 CHF – 1 hour

Thetahealing – 111 CHF

45 – 60 min Video call
– Energy Reading
– Belief System Clearing
– Allow your life to flow 

Tarot Session – 111 CHF.

Duration: 45-60 minutes.

Therapeutic Tarot is an energy reading tool. The cards capture your current vibration and reveal what you are attracting. The main goal of these sessions is to help you understand the present moment better, enabling you to make informed decisions for the future you desire.

Womb Healing Session:
In our womb, we store our memories of love (past love relationships), our memories of relationships (family, ancestry), abuse, and trauma. These memories can cause blockages in our relationships in general, including love, work, and social life, and sometimes cause intimate health problems. Womb Healing is an energetic cleansing of these memories that enables you to reconnect with your purest essence. You may experience positive transformations post-session. The most common transformations are
- the courage to quit a toxic relationship or job,
- the ability to become a mother,
-openness to love,
- resolution of intimate health problems (because we work at the root of the problem),
- release of old family patterns. The session is available online or in-person if you reside in Switzerland. The energy exchange value is 88 CHF.

If you have economic issues let me know and we can organize a suitable payment plan.

The only requirement to assist a treatment with us is the acceptance and desire to be healed.

All treatments are not specific for any age, sex, race, color, creed or religion. Everyone is Welcome. The treatments and techniques described are not meant to supplement or be substitute for medical care or treatment.